Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Pantry Project

We are home and getting back into the groove after a mini vacation to visit my in-laws in Georgia. WVU played Alabama at the Georgia Dome and Dan took his Kole and some of his family along. It was a fun trip for all! I went with my mother in law to a tiny town called Woodstock and we checked out a yarn store called "The Whole Nine Yarns." I picked up some more needles and yarn to continue my slipper projects - they're so much fun!

Our garden is slowly puking out on us. The chickens surely didn't help! We are helping to do some clean up this weekend in there and plant our fall crops. We are putting in broccoli, kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, lettuce mix, and some cilantro. We also need to devise a way to keep the chickens out of where we plant our garlic.

I'm in a mood to start "finishing" the inside of our house. It is finished, of course, but I really want to put some time into making it more organized and functional. I'm starting with the pantry. I'm embarrassed to post the picture - but, hopefully it will help hold me accountable. Feel free to check in with me if you don't see updates!

You can see that it is a disorganized mess. Things are haphazardly tossed in there and there really isn't much rhyme or reason. Yes, there are tortillas. I'm making shrimp tacos for tonight and after a ten hour drive yesterday, I'm not in the mood to whip up my own. And yes, we keep our eggs in the pantry.

I'm hoping to transition to all clear/glass storage containers. I love reusing our yogurt containers since we can't recycle them in our area. But, it presents a problems when I go to get things out. I have to look through all the containers to find what I'm looking for. And yes, I do know I could label the containers, but I want to be able to see our dried beans. Especially since we grew them ourselves!

I found inspiration from Jen over at iheartorganizing. Her pantry is swoon worthy. We have wire shelves, too, and they drive me nuts. I picked up some contact paper today and hope to find some foam board that's affordable. I want to make the pantry pretty and functional. I'm also in love with her labeling. Maybe I need to save up some money for one of these! I'm going to stop by Dollar Tree and Dollar General to scope out some glass storage containers.

How about you? Are you in an organizing mood as well? If so, join me!


  1. When I buy a product in a glass jar I keep it for storing my beans and other dried foods (Oatmeal, rice etc). You can also get larger jars at a restaurant, just ask. Most of the time they throw them out. simple way to label is masking tape, you can write on it and it peels off easy If you're into canning buy canning jars!

  2. We do have a ton of canning jars! I would like to get some bigger containers, though, because we tend to buy a lot of things in bulk. I found a good price on half gallon canning jars at Ace Hardware, so I need to check them out :)