Saturday, August 11, 2012

On the agenda today.... down 10 pounds Roma and Amish Paste tomatoes into some sauce to freeze!  We visited the Clarksburg Farmer's Market this morning and came away with the tomatoes, potatoes, and green beans.  Tomorrow is the Bridgeport Farmer's Market where we will be picking up some local apples!

Over the last 2 days, I have harvested about 8 of our heirloom cucumbers.  Not bad for our little plot!  I am searching for some refrigerator pickle recipes to make some quick pickles.  Has anyone ever done this?

We are already getting anxious for next spring and our big garden!  I have been looking into tomato seeds - it makes more sense to buy a $2.50 packet of 25 seeds than to buy a $3 or $4 plant!  Does anyone have an recommendations on good sources for seeds?  I've been very happy with the seeds we got from SSE this year - our cucumbers are doing great and we should be getting some melons soon.

And another good thing - my energy is back!