Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finally feeling better!

Wow, there is an absolutely terrible stomach flu going around!  Our whole house caught it - starting with Kole.  Finally after a week and a half, he has his appetite back.  We were getting worried for a while!

House updates:

** The garage is under roof!  And so is the side porch!  Felt is on and sealed up.

** The doors are in, sans the patio doors.  The front door looks AWESOME!  Dad will be fixing up some framing for the patio doors this weekend - the openings were framed for 5 foot doors, but 84 Lumber sent us 6 foot doors.  Instead of sending them back, we are going to adjust the framing to make them work.  Besides, a 6 foot door will be better anyhow!

** The basement is almost ready to move the futon in!  I cleaned it up this weekend while Kole was with my mom.  Just need to move a load of waste to the dump and then I can figure out a way to scrub the floors.

** Our road has been fixed.  We are so glad we got that taken care of before spring rolls around!

I will update with pictures soon.  Dan is my go to guy for getting the pictures off the camera and well, he's been a little busy lately ;-)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long time, no write

Wow, so I am really stinking at the whole keeping-the-blog-updated thing, eh?  Life has been moving so rapidly that I barely have time to think some days.  The house is coming along quite nicely.  My dad and some friends will be in town later this week to help finish setting trusses and getting the house sealed up.  We have another heating/cooling contractor coming out to check things out and we are getting our first delivery of wood flooring!

We are hoping to perhaps start staying out there on the weekends starting next weekend.  I hope to get the basement cleaned up this weekend so that we can move the futon down, as well as provide a clean and safe environment for Kole to hang out.

I will post pictures soon, promise!  Things are looking great.  And boy, oh boy - we have been getting majorly lucky with our weather!

Until next time...