Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A morning stroll

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Sometimes a fresh baked loaf of bread is a necessary conpliment to dinner. Today is one of those days. This will accompany some cheese and spinach ravioli and roasted asparagus from our local farmers market! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Garden woes

We are complete novices when it comes to gardening. We started out this spring with a big garden layout and lots of seeds. And a lot of optimism.
We started having some minor issues when we started our plants inside. We didn't use a grow light initially and so our plants started getting leggy. We fashioned a seed starting table with a light and repotted some of the plants.
We amended our garden with some compost and planted our early crops. Everything was doing great until the deer annihilated our chard. The kale wasn't too far behind...
We worked on hardening off our plants. They were planted last weekend. We quickly realized we didn't allow the plants enough gradual exposure to the sun as basically everything got scalded. Then came the wind and rain. While the rain was welcome for our seeds, it wreaked havoc on our tender transplants. And then came the frost. We never expected to have a frost this late. While we covered the plants, most if not all of them have seemingly irreparable damage. We plan to let them go this week to see if they recover at all. If not, we will buy pepper and tomato plants at the greenhouse over the weekend.
Kole and I went out earlier to check on things, only to find the deer have been eating our peas! And the dog was sunbathing in it as well. We plan to fence the garden in, but we were waiting to see if we liked the location first. Looks like we might be fencing sooner than we planned.
The good news is that everything else we started from seeds last weekend is up! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Line dried sheets

Here's my mothers day present! That's right, a clothesline :-)
Such a simple design with huge rewards. There's nothing better than going to sleep at night on freshly dried sheets from the line. And the sun is a wonderful stain remover! I currently have our cloth diapers out to dry where stains will be lightened and diapers sanitized.
And best of all? Lower electric bills :-)