Monday, July 30, 2012

Cha, cha, cha...changes!

Another long break between posts!  This time, I have a different reason!

I have been absolutely exhausted the last few weeks....taking care of the toddler during the day, doing my best to make dinner, and keeping the house somewhat in order has taken it's toll on this PREGNANT lady!

Yes, pregnant.  MAJOR surprise for us!  We found out the same weekend we moved in.  It took almost a year and a surgery for us to get pregnant with Kole, so this is indeed a major surprise as we had no intentions of trying until at least this fall.

I'm getting ready to go into my second trimester, so I'm hoping the nausea subsides and my energy level returns to somewhat normal.  I have been helping where I can around the house with getting things finished, but it's been hard!  I did complete one task that was my responsibility...chalkboard paint on the pantry door!  We have a nice large pantry door and I am a list maker, so it made perfect sense to have a board close by to jot down grocery needs and menu ideas.  I'll post pics soon once it is completely finished and we try it out!