Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finally feeling better!

Wow, there is an absolutely terrible stomach flu going around!  Our whole house caught it - starting with Kole.  Finally after a week and a half, he has his appetite back.  We were getting worried for a while!

House updates:

** The garage is under roof!  And so is the side porch!  Felt is on and sealed up.

** The doors are in, sans the patio doors.  The front door looks AWESOME!  Dad will be fixing up some framing for the patio doors this weekend - the openings were framed for 5 foot doors, but 84 Lumber sent us 6 foot doors.  Instead of sending them back, we are going to adjust the framing to make them work.  Besides, a 6 foot door will be better anyhow!

** The basement is almost ready to move the futon in!  I cleaned it up this weekend while Kole was with my mom.  Just need to move a load of waste to the dump and then I can figure out a way to scrub the floors.

** Our road has been fixed.  We are so glad we got that taken care of before spring rolls around!

I will update with pictures soon.  Dan is my go to guy for getting the pictures off the camera and well, he's been a little busy lately ;-)

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