Monday, March 26, 2012

Finally, some pictures!

Apple blossoms - one of two apple trees on the property

Looking across the meadow to the house

The southwest view of the house - can't wait to watch some sunsets off the porch!

The southeast side of the house - not as many windows!
Sorry for my lack of updates lately!  Things have been moving so quickly :-)  Let's's where we are at:

* the entire house and garage are under roof and all the doors (sans the man door in the garage) are installed
* the slate tile has been laid down on the hearth
* the rough in for the electric work is complete!
* the roof is starting to go up
* the septic tank and leach field are in
* the HVAC rough in should be completed this week
* plumbing will be completed this weekend
* next week brings insulation and drywall!

We have spent one weekend night on the futon in the basement.  The unseasonably warm temperatures have been great!  We only needed two blankets and no heater!  Kole absolutely LOVED waking up and going outside to play right away.  I did, too!  We are so excited to be out there.

I'm working on gardening plans - more on that tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful! Seeing your progress is exciting! We are nowhere near building a place like this, but we are considering buying a couple of acres in the middle of nowhere just for camping and for the kids to run. You guys are certainly making an incredible amount of progress and it is very inspiring.

    1. Thanks Cassandra! I have an amazing husband and dad who have done all of this work on weekends! I am so, so proud of them. We are more than ready for our son to be able to get up in the morning and go straight outside to play. Best of luck to you and your family in finding a piece of land you can call your own :-) I know it has certainly made this little family happy!

    2. Cassandra, that's a great way to start! My parents did this themselves: when I first went to see the land, they had only built a small outdoor bathroom (my mother's single demand) and had a single tap outside with running water coming from the nearby stream (the water ran because the site is quite mountainous, so we just used gravity). We camped there for years, then we built a small ranch (no walls), with a table and stools, where we could also hang hammocks and store stuff on the rudimentary attic. Over the years we made additions. Nowadays, the ranch serves as an outside area where dad keeps his things, we have two small houses, lots of fruit trees, and go there every summer. My parents still plan on moving there one day, but I'm not sure they want to get so isolated, with no towns in a two-hour radius.

      Nonetheless, camping is so much fun, and you can grow slowly, so - just do it! I'm cheering both of you on!