Monday, September 15, 2014


C. S. A! Come on, cheer with me now! We really are so thankful for Fish Hawk Acres. Chef Dale is making such huge strides in the local food movement in the state, as well as Appalachia. During the summer, we sometimes pick our own produce from the Farmers Market stand for the week. Yesterday, I was at the Mother Earth News Fair so Dan and the kids got to pick our box. They did pretty well! Sweet corn, red peppers, hot peppers (habanero and cayenne - he plans to dehyrdate it), onions, apples, poblano peppers, and cucumbers. You can tell the summer season is starting to wind down and for me at least, my tummy is getting ready for the fall and winter foods!

Speaking of Mother Earth News, I have so much to share with you. I hope to do a blog each day this week talking about something different I saw while there. It was a day out by myself and I enjoyed it. It got me excited for the future! Stay tuned :-)

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