Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chicken Plans

...are moving right along! We will be getting our 20 babies the end of April! While I'd love to get them sooner, travel and a hard winter make for a delayed start. Speaking of winter...we are to have snow today. And then 72 degrees on Tuesday.  Bipolar much, mother nature??

Dan has been hard at work planning our coop. We spent the other evening poring over our chicken books for guidelines on the design. Yesterday, we stopped by 84 Lumber and Home Depot to check on lumber and their she'd kits. I'm not 100% sure which direction we will go, but we are getting there.

We will be starting our seeds today. A little late to the game, I know...but, I'm anxious to get my hands in the dirt. I'll leave you with our sunset Thursday evening. And when I went out to snap the picture...I heard PEEPERS!  Spring just might stick around!

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