Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Let Your Secrets Fly Away

The kids and I have been enjoying nature walks in the afternoon since the weather has been so nice. We try to keep an eye out for things that have changed day to day. Yesterday, as we were walking down one of our many hills, I saw something purple.

We walked down to it and found a deflated balloon with a note attached. The balloon says "Let Your Secrets Fly Away" and the note said to please open.

Some of the note has faded away with the weather, but it was a fun read. A young girl was in love with a boy. She was sad when he didn't return to school this year since he is being homeschooled.  She claimed she wasn't interested in homeschooling, but she has loved him for 6 years. And although she may be young, she knows what love is.

It's fun to try to figure out where it came from. And it was neat to see the girl mention homeschooling since we will be homeschooling our kids. And I have been reading up on the Charlotte Mason approach. She advocates taking nature walks and keeping a nature journal. I'm looking forward to seeing if we find anything else this spring!

What about you? Have you found anything interesting while out enjoying nature?

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  1. yesterday while walking I saw my first Piliated Woodpecker..what a beautiful bird