Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Bone Collector

Last spring, as the snow was melting, we noticed lots of random animal bones. A skull here, a leg bone there.

This winter has been no different.

Random pieces. Deer fur all over. It isn't a mystery as to how it's been getting here. We know who is responsible...

Yes, doesn't she look guilty? At one point during deer season, she was asking to come in with what appeared to be a deer lung in her mouth. Good try, Lakelyn.

We knew that she was the responsible party for bringing us such lovely lawn ornaments. But we were still curious as to how she was finding them.  Our neighbor was visiting the other day and we mentioned it to him. We are the only people who live on our road and the road condition deteriorates past our driveway. Four wheelers still frequent it though. He told us that hunters are notorious for taking their carcasses and dumping them out the road. Yum, right?

For Lakelyn, it's a fun scavenger hunt. We haven't seen her be aggressive towards other animals, other than tormenting the cats. But she enjoys her steady supply of bones. A few weeks ago, though,  she came trotting up the driveway with a doughnut in her mouth. A doughnut?! Maybe the resident wildlife have started making her coffee and pastries for cleaning up the woods...

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