Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

Happy, happy first day of spring! While we are certainly enjoying our time in Arizona, I am anxious to get home and start our plants!  Have you started yours yet?

Yesterday, we ventured into Sedona and took a 4 hour train ride through the Verde Canyon. The evening was topped off with some lovely pizza from a local joint in Cottonwood called Bocce. Arugula and prosciutto, anyone?

The views are just spectacular here. I was excited on our drive to Sedona, though,  to see some nice green grass and leaves popping out on the trees. It's starting to look like spring out here!

At the train depot, there was a group from a wildlife rehab center. They had three raptors: a red tailed hawk, kestrel,  and peregrine falcon. It was pretty cool to be so close to the birds. There is a record of a peregrine killing an eagle around here! Powerful little birds.

Enjoy some of the views of Sedona!

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