Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Pantry

I love my pantry. I'm so glad we decided on a floor plan that allowed for such a large storage area. I also love how it's an extension of my kitchen. Here's a look inside while standing at our island:

When we lived in our apartment, our kitchen was tiny. I think my pantry is bigger than our kitchen was. We had zero storage space and had to make do with a combined linen closet/pantry. I'm always trying to improve the organization of the area. 

On the left side, we have 3 different shelves. We can store a lot of things on the shelves! The big tubs under the bottom shelf are food grade tubs that house our flour and oats. We buy flour and oats in bulk as we bake a lot of bread and make a lot of granola! 

The right side has some hooks for bags. Our mixer and ice cream maker take up some real estate on the floor. And at the back is our potatoes, onions, and bread storage box. We do have a root cellar, but we use this storage bin for short term storage.

 Also on the floor are two jugs of some home made apple cider vinegar. Dan was trying a technique to make some hard cider and it didn't work. We did get lots of ACV, though! We plan to use it in our chickens water when we get them. If you haven't checked out Fresh Eggs Daily by Lisa Steele, you should! I might do a book review soon.

Pinterest was just becoming popular when we were starting to plan our house. I found so many pictures of pantry doors. I knew I wanted a two panel door that I could paint with chalkboard paint. I love it! It allows me to put up a quick menu and the bottom panel is a spot for the kids to draw. And to the left I put a hook for my aprons. I hope to accumulate some more vintage aprons as I visit yard sales and thrift shops this summer.

Do you have a pantry? If so, think about making the door a chalkboard!

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