Friday, January 31, 2014

Kellogg's Breakfast

And no, I don't mean Frosted Flakes! Our seeds arrived today. Hopes are always high in the winter for the summer garden. I picked a few more varieties of dried beans (they are really 'da bomb!), beets, some popcorn for Kole, tomatoes, and flowers to start our small flower test garden.

I was drawn to the Kellogg's tomato as the description indicated it came from West Virginia! It looks quite scrumptious and the packet claims it has a delicious, rich flavor.

Kole will be having a small table at our local Farmers Market this summer so I picked some miniature bell peppers and small popcorn to accompany whatever else he chooses to grow. He has his overalls, gardening tools, and an eagerness to learn. I consider it home schooling at its finest :-)

What seeds have you ordered?

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