Friday, October 10, 2014

On the Needles - October 10

Where has this week gone? Between a visit from an old friend, playdates, and soccer, this week has gotten away from me! Oh, and a teething almost 20 month old.  That's been fun...

I have gotten some time to knit, though! I made two pumpkin hats. They are a fun, quick knit. And they make wonderful gifts. I also made Little J matching slippers to Kole's rabbit and fox. It was my first time adjusting a pattern and it fits her perfectly!

The blue slippers on the left are the first part of my felted clog slippers I am making for myself. Slippers are really fun to knit as well. This is my first felting project and I'm looking forward to it, especially since it will cover up my imperfect gussets. I have to make two of each color and I am halfway there. I would be 75% there, but this happened....

Yeah...those are supposed to be the same size. Oops. That's what happens when you don't take notes. I *thought* I was a lot farther along in the pattern than I was. So, back to square one. I'm sure I could try to rip it out and add in some yarn and fix it. But, I don't have the patience for that. So, while Little J sleeps and Kole cuddles next to me watching a movie, I think it is the perfect time to start on the next one. Happy Friday! 

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