Monday, October 13, 2014

A New Favorite

Happy gloomy Monday morning!! At least the rain is helping our kale and broccoli. Speaking of growing food, I've mentioned before about my desire to remineralize our soil to grow nutrient dense food. The other day on Instagram, a photo of the current issue of Acres showed up on the feed of Jenny Prince. Jenny is a big advocate of growing nutrient dense food.

I had to pick up some layer feed yesterday and I saw it on the magazine rack. I'm pretty sure it called my name! So, it came home with me. 

I love me some Mother Earth News and Grit, don't get me wrong. But, boy does this table of contents look yummy! And this! 

For those of you who don't know, before I became known mainly as Mommy, I was a chemist. I worked with a scanning electron microscope in both undergraduate and graduate school. I have a MS in Chemistry. I much prefer being known as Mommy, but I do miss that intellectual stimulation that science gave me. Sooo....This is PERFECT! I love the references to journal articles.

And this article was great! Since we are thinking about getting a cow in the future, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I still think getting goats first is the right step. And a local Nigerian Dwarf breeder has two does available now. Anyone want to contribute to the goat fund? Hopefully in the spring, unless something happens before!

What's your favorite magazine?

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