Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Gallon of Pure Love

Yesterday, I travelled to Springs, Pa for the Annual Springs Folk Festival. I look forward to it every year. The biggest reason? This:

Yes, that's a gallon of pure Grade B PA Maple Syrup. I grew up a Grade A gal, but age has changed me. I'm in love with the depth of Grade B now. The real reason I like it? The price tag! $40 for a gallon. We love to support our WV farmers when we can, but my heart will always be in PA when in comes to maple syrup. When you're a maple princess, I think there is some sort of unspoken rule about a lifelong commitment to the real stuff.

There is an Amish community in the area and many have carts set up along the road to and from the festival. We visit the same family every year and that is where we found delicata squash! Yesterday, though, I picked up 2 pie pumpkins to roast. Dan wants to make hard cider and there is a cider press nearby where you can buy gallons of unpasteurized cider. I picked up five gallons, 3 for cider and 2 for drinking. When we start out orchard, one of our goals is to make cider yearly. Kole even asked Dan the other day, "Daddy, can we build our own press so we can make cider?" Now, who can say no to that!

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