Saturday, May 3, 2014

Turkey Eggs!

We are so fortunate to have a lot of farmers markets around us. Some were starting their markets for the season, while others were holding their last "winter" market. We visited the Clarksburg Market today and I found something pretty cool....turkey eggs!

When I asked Theresa of Sweet Hollow Farm, she said that they are fantastic for baking. The have more albumen than chicken eggs and can therefore make your baked goods fluffier (in her experience).

I picked up a half dozen and tried them out as soon as I got home! I made cupcakes this afternoon and they were certainly more noticeably moist than when I've made them before. I plan to try them in more baked goods. I might just become a regular turkey egg customer!

In chick news, everyone is eating, drinking, and pooping like mad. We have a poultry nipple waterer set up and they go nuts for it! I hope to get some pictures tomorrow of them - I'd love help in naming them!

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