Thursday, May 1, 2014


We have chicks! We traveled an hour and a half to visit the Laura at Sweet Wind Farm. We really enjoyed seeing her birds all over the place!

Laura had 38 birds that have the run of her 100+ acres. They are a variety of birds and many of which were hatched on her farm. Kole fell in love with one that Laura thinks is a White Leghorn/Buff Orpington cross. If our coop were ready, she'd be with us right now. She fell asleep in his arms!

We had originally hoped to get 20 chicks, but for reasons unknown, not many hatched. We brought home 3 and they are settling in and chirping comfortably. They are currently hiding under their EcoGlow20, so pictures for tonight were a little tough.

I did manage this one, though!

And we were slightly sad that we didn't get as many as we had hoped, but you know how the saying goes: everything happens for a reason. I got a message from a local homeschooling family friend that she and her family will be moving out of state and are looking to rehome their hens. We will be getting 10 laying hens sometime this summer! And we can go to the feed store and perhaps pick up a few more babies! So it looks like we will get the fun of chicks this spring and delicious free range eggs this summer!

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