Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thankful for Beautiful Mornings

My kids had me up at 5:45 AM. Unfortunately, their little bodies didn't get the message that the clocks have changed. It's not terrible getting up that early, I just prefer for it to be *my* idea. Oh well. Sleep is over rated, right?!

The sunrise and sunset can be so pretty up here on the hill. It really helps put life into perspective. I've recently been able to put a lot of things into perspective (finally!) and I'll be sharing those when I find the right words :-)

I was thankful for the sunrise this morning:

I took advantage of being up early and had a loaf of bread rising and a load of laundry on the line before I had to leave for the dentist. Ugh. I had a natural birth with Jenna, so you'd think I wouldn't be a wuss about pain. But I hate pain in my mouth.

It might not be terribly noticeable, but my left lower jaw is swollen and droopy after the shot of numbing agent (lidocaine, novocaine, whatever...). It took more time to numb it up than it took to fill it. And I felt EVERYTHING. Yeah!

I did my civic duty and voted on my way home. It's fun to live in a small town. When I checked in, I saw some cute little ballots for kids. I brought one home for Kole.

We worked with him on it. He didn't know some of the characters on it and neither did we. So, he just picked one. So, not that much different than what normally happens!

How about you? Did you vote? Get a cavity filled? Get up before the crack of dawn? Let me know! I love hearing from you!


  1. I always rise before the sun during this time of year. Only during the summer is it light out when I wake up.

    and I'd rather give birth than visit the dentist!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who would rather give birth than go to to the dentist!

    I don't mind getting up early :-) I just need to get used to it again!

  3. I hate it when the fill a cavity with more rot. I'm talking voting here, not dentistry.