Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Our babies will be hatching tomorrow!  So, on Thursday, we will be bringing home 20 Buff Orpington chicks to start our first flock.

In preparation for their arrival, we got their brooder box together. Kole graciously gave up his "spaceship" box for their first few days. I know they'll quickly outgrow it, so I am planning on checking with Home Depot and Lowes to see if they ever have larger boxes that they get rid of.

I've read a lot from various sources about keeping chickens and the one I always return to is Kathy at The Chicken Chick. Using her suggestion, I bought a pack of puppy pads to use under paper towels for the first few days.

We plan to keep the chicks upstairs for a little while. The kids are more than excited to play with them and I look forward to it as well!  

I'll be sharing a lot of pictures and more info about what we will be using for heat and a DIY water setup! Check back tomorrow for this week's CSA Wednesday installment and Thursday to check out our little balls of fluff! 

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