Monday, April 14, 2014

Little Flowers

While out watching Dan finish putting the roof on before the rain this afternoon, Kole hands me this:

Our yard is dotted with these little purple beauties. And it made my heart melt to watch my rough and tumble little boy carefully pick this for me. He also picked one for Jenna. I may have him pick a lot more soon and make some violet jelly. Has anyone ever tried it?

In other news, the coop is coming along!

The north side features the man door and will also have the chicken door. The east side will have the nesting boxes in a bump out on the side. And the South side will have a few windows. Dan worked really hard on the design and is anxious to see how well his original passive solar design works.

Here's a view of the coop from the bottom of the garden:

The chickens will be free range, so we will be fencing the garden in. We plan to let them in in the evenings for some supervised pest control.

And here's the view of the house from the bottom of the garden:

It was very cloudy today, with lots of wind. It is supposed to get chilly tomorrow,  with the possibility of *snow.* While I don't want to see any more of the white stuff this year, I know it won't last! Happy Monday!

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