Monday, April 7, 2014

Potatoes, Anyone?

We grew a variety of things last year. We enjoyed some lovely fresh dug potatoes on July 4 as well as some monster beets. We got a respectable potato harvest and hope for even more this year.

There are so many varieties of potatoes besides the typical russet in the grocery store. We love blue or purple potatoes. They are quite beautiful and the more color, the more vitamins and minerals a food has. There's a reason why we are encouraged to "eat the rainbow. "

I ordered our potatoes from Fed Co seeds this year or Moose Tubers. I ordered the "specialty organic" mix. Sounds fancy schmancy, eh? It was delivered via UPS. I love our UPS driver. When he came up the hill the other day, he told me that he gets excited when he has to deliver to our house because he likes our view!

Isn't this a fun bag? The mix included 12.5 pounds of seed potatoes. It was like opening a Christmas present since I didn't know what varieties we were receiving.

We received 2 red varieties, 2 white varieites, and a blue variety. Strawberry paw just sounds cool, don't you think? I'm looking forward to getting them in the ground!

Work continued yesterday on the coop yesterday. We also made it out to the last winter farmers market of the year.  While there we picked up half of a fresh chicken. Laura from Sweet Wind Farm, where we will be getting our chicks, butchered a few chickens Saturday night. It was the most delicious chicken breast! And I'm cooking down some stock as we speak.

I didn't get many pictures yesterday as my time outside was spent trying to keep a certain 13 month old from trying to run into the woods. Oy, she's getting to be a handful. I did snap this, though, last night as Dan was covering the floor to protect it from the rain today.

Happy Monday, everyone! What's on your homesteading agenda this week?

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