Friday, November 4, 2011

Road, electric, and water - oh my!

Boy are we ever enjoying the beautiful weather we are having this week!  Kole and I drove out this afternoon to check on the progress of the road.  Unfortunately, for the second day in a row, there were no men working.  I was a big upset at first, but seeing how happy Kole was to just play in the field, on the pile of dirt took away any anger I felt.  When we got home, I called our road contractor to chat about the status of things.  As it turns out, the gas companies hoard the stone from the quarries for the new gas wells they are installing.  So, trucks can't just pull up to the quarry whenever they need stone.  This has been putting a little hold on things, but he claims it will be done  by next Wednesday.  They will be working tomorrow and early next week, so I am sure Kole will be one happy little boy watching all that stone being laid out.

Dan received a call from our well driller last night - apparently the engine in his drill rig blew up and he is out of commission for at least a few weeks.  He gave Dan another number to call.  He heard back from the other driller today - well, from his wife.  She indicated that since our land has been mined under, her husband probably will need to be convinced to try to drill.  He has apparently had some bad experience in the past with wells running into mines and it creates a lot more work and is more expensive to drill.  Our initial reaction was to slightly freak out, but Dan did some digging and found that where our house sits and where we were hoping to drill the weather have in fact not been mined under.  Even if they have, the mine lies 800 feet below the surface.  I don't think it will be an issue, but we have to wait and see.

We can already tell that we only want to go through this process once!  We know it will be worth it in the end, but man this year is going to be a test of patience!

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