Monday, November 7, 2011

Indian Summer

Boy, are we ever thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having the last few days!  We have been having highs in the 60s and a ton of sunshine!

Saturday morning started our weekend off great....  Dan met the delivery man from the local electric supply store for the conduit to run across the field.  The road crew was working, putting down stone on the upper part of our driveway.  Kole and I stayed home to wait for a call from MPE to deliver the ditch witch.  They told Dan they would call between 10 and 11.  Kole and I were ready and waiting by 10, anticipating a call early.  Dan called to check at 10:30 and was told we were next in line.  I called again at 11:30 and was told there were several people ahead of us.  Needless to say, I put Kole down for a nap and Dan handled the situation.  The equipment wasn't delivered until almost 2, which wasted several hours of daylight.

Dan's dad came down bright and early Sunday morning to get out early to get caught back up.  I received a call from Dan at 9:30 telling me there was a major problem.  As it turns out, the water pump went out on the truck.  Coolant was leaking everywhere.  They were able to get the truck to Shinnston to Advance Auto Parts to get it fixed.  When we got to the property, Dan discovered that the ditch witch had not been getting as deep as it needed - 36 inches.  Some places were as shallow as 28 inches.  Some manual labor solved the initial problem and a quick call to the REA engineer confirmed that although 36 inches was most desirable, 30 inches would be ok.  We were thankful for an extra hour of sleep Sunday night!

Dan got up bright and early to get out to finish trenching.  He and his dad glued conduit, waiting for the REA engineer to come out to check the work and MPE to pick up the ditch witch and deliver a small excavator.  Although the weather was B E A U T I F U L, the road crew was not there working.  The REA engineer showed up and MPE directly after.  Work progressed today, but there is still a bit to get done tomorrow and Wednesday.  We hope to watch the road crew work, as well as the right of way crew from the electric company work tomorrow.

I hope to get some pictures up soon! 

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