Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Beginnings

Welcome to the house on the hill!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tales of this crazy family trying to live out their dream by building a home and starting the journey toward self-sufficiency!

The view, which is the background image for this new-fangled blog, is what sold us on the site of our future home.  Each morning we will welcome the day with uninterrupted 360 degree views of beautiful mountains :-)  While meeting with our road contractor today, he told us that he thought we were close to the highest elevation in Harrison County!  And boy, oh boy, can you tell when you're hiking up our road!

Speaking of our road, progress is finally being made almost 4 weeks after closing on our mortgage.  I will post photos of the road when it is finished, but let me tell you it is a radical change from the jungle it was before.  Our road contractor has been really patient with us.  We have some large trucks that need to make their way up that half mile drive in a few short weeks and we need to make sure things are in the best shape they can be!  Kole thoroughly enjoyed himself today watching the big trucks emptying their loads of rock!  This kid is going to be in hog heaven once things really get rolling!

My father in law is coming into town next week to help Dan put conduit across the field so we can have underground electric.  Don't want those big ugly electric poles to detract from the view we've been waiting for.  The REA staking engineers were out today to mark for poles and we hope to have temporary electric in by the time we start framing. 

Stay tuned for progress shots, shots of a curious almost two year old, and random musings on starting our homestead!

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