Saturday, July 19, 2014


We are so lucky to live relatively close (I say relatively because it's WV we are talking about here!) to three blueberry farms. Our plans last weekend didn't work out to pick, so we went for it today. Well, Dan and little J went to pick berries while K and I went to see the new Planes movie.

They were able to pick 2 gallons of berries. We currently have 2 cookie sheets worth in the freezer so they can freeze individually before we throw them in a bag for the winter. And we also plan to try out dehydrating some. I make our granola for the week and Dan generally likes dried cranberries.  If we can dehydrate some blueberries and lessen our dependence on buying cranberries, that's just one more step on our journey. And we do plan to get blueberry bushes and maybe even cranberries!

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