Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer is Here

Summer is definitely here! Over the last 3 years, we've known that the solstice is near based on when we can start picking our wild berries. We have black raspberries and blackberries. The black raspberries are awesome and they are slowly ripening! We picked 5 black raspberries yesterday and there are a lot more getting really close to picking.

Another thing I like watching for is wildflowers. When I was mowing yesterday, I spotted some orange flowers I've never seen before. And the first of many black eyed Susans (or what I think are black eyed Susans at least). To me, there's nothing better than some fresh picked wildflowers in a blue mason jar.

And summertime sunsets are awesome when you have nothing obstructing your view. I've now had two friends tell me we should make a coffee table book of sunset pictures. Maybe we should improve our photography skills and give it a go. What do you think?

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