Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Potatoes are pretty fun to grow. In the grocery store, varieties are pretty limited. You can get a wider variety at a farmers market. Or you can get the most choices by growing your own. This year, I ordered a variety pack of organic seed potatoes.

When potato plants flower, they are setting their tubers. It's possible to carefully dig some potatoes after the plants have flowered. They are generally referred to as "new potatoes."

Today, I decided to dig some for dinner. I wasn't sure which variety I'd end up with, but I know that they are delicious.

The red are Strawberry Paw and the blue/purple are Peter Wilcox. I'm not sure about the white variery. I'm anxious to roast them up for dinner. Alongside beets and a roast chicken, it will be a very filling in season meal!

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