Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stitches Out!

We ventured out yesterday so we could grab some groceries. We also went so I could get my stitches out. My finger feels so much better! I'm looking forward to using my oils to help it heal.

We noticed we were under a winter weather advisory Friday for a potential of 2-5 inches overnight into Saturday morning. And we got 5 inches.

Our tractor has been stuck for about 2 weeks now. And Dan drove the truck down to the bottom of the hill last week. It was fun getting down off the hill. But, it was even more of an adventure getting up...

Luckily, we were really close to those when we got stuck. It was a little bit of fun walking up, but it was better than having to walk the whole 1/2 mile!

Dan went back out to dig the car out. And he decided for the next few days he will walk down and drive the truck. We are hoping for a little bit of a thaw this week.

Is it spring yet?


  1. oh my! I don't think I could live in snow country any more...lovely to look at, just wouldn't want to plan around snow storms or have to drag myself out to get things done

  2. I've been holed up for a few weeks, only getting out once or twice a week for groceries and homeschooling activities. I was even looking at houses in Hawaii last week!

    While this winter has been brutal, we do love it here :-)