Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Handprints

I'm a big fan of crafting with Kole. It's fun, constructive, and we end up with a great keepsake. Two years ago, we made handprint tiles for all of Kole's grandparents and great grandparents. We decided this year to make another tile, this time with Jenna's little paw print as well.
It's quite a fun gift to make and pretty darn thrifty. Here's a breakdown of what I got for the project:
8 - 6x8 white tiles from Home Depot
      $0.75 each/$6.36 total
2 - 2 oz jars of paint from AC Moore
      $1.39 each
1 - can of sealer spray from AC Moore
Total cost for the project: $14.60

Paintbrushes are also handy for this project, but not required :-)
I would have loved to capture more action shots of the making of these gifts, but Jenna seemed convinced we were going to melt her hand off with the paint and had a meltdown the whole time. Kole was able to get nice prints, while it was a race to get Jenna's done. Hopefully next year will go a little more smoothly! We hope to make this a yearly tradition, along with picture calenders for grandparents.
What things are you crafting with your kids for gifts?

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