Sunday, April 1, 2012

Traveling at the speed of sound

Whew, this week is going to be a whirlwind!  The weekend already has been and we are just getting started. 

Here are some highlights to our weekend:

  ** Kole and I test drove a tractor and received a pretty great deal on a new Kubota BX25.  A front end loader, back hoe, belly mower, brush hog, and back blade round out the toys.  The back hoe will be put to good use almost immediately with finishing trenching for our electric, as well as a french drain for our garage.

  ** We are going to get to know the Home Depot and Lowes people on a first name basis by the time we are done.  Kole already knows all of the guys at 84 Lumber and even has to stop to just visit with them!  He loves playing with the big pile of shims and a hammer.  I teased the guys there that I was going to drop him off for a few hours while I took a personal day.  They joked back that he would probably be their star salesman!
  ** Ikea kitchen cabinets rock.  Looking forward to going back in a few weeks to order some!  We are going with a beadboard look to the cabinets with an apron front sink.  I CANNOT wait to start cooking and baking in it!

  ** Dan seems to exceptionally speedy when under a time crunch.  Our insulation and drywall is getting installed this week, so he had to have everything in the walls that he wanted.  He is spending the night there tonight while Kole and I work to prepare for the week at the apartment.

As to what the week is bringing:

1) My dad is coming down bright and early tomorrow morning to start roofing.
2) We are getting another delivery of hardwood flooring tomorrow as well.  The craftsman who has made our flooring is also staying to help with the roof.  The more the merrier, right?!
3) Insulation installation begins Tuesday.  We are starting with air seal, which seals around doors, windows, and any other "hole" to the outside.  Wednesday will commence with blow in insulation in the walls and batted insulation in the ceilings.
4) Drywall is being delivered Wednesday.  The installation could begin as early as Thursday, but we are not sure.  The guys who hang and finish the drywall are apparently really speedy and work all kinds of strange hours.  Doesn't matter to us - we hate hanging and finishing the stuff!
5) Next weekend (looking ahead already!!) we are planning to take one day to spend as a family.  We have been so busy lately with all things house that we haven't taken the time to spend together.  Dan and I made each other coupons for date nights and neither one of us has cashed them in yet.  I made him 23!

I will be taking plenty of pictures this week and will continue my gardening plans tomorrow!  For now, I am enjoying a cup of West Virginia grown tea from Brightside Acres - Sparkle My Spirit is the name :-)  Enjoy your evening everyone!

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