Monday, April 23, 2012


We have finished drywall!  We were told initially that the drywall would have a textured finish to it, but it is smooth!  We are much happier this way :-)

Paint was something that I tried to do a good bit of research into.  We are really concerned with indoor air quality as our house is very tightly sealed.  I stopped by Sherwin Williams to see what zero VOC paints they offered.  They have a line called "Harmony" which is zero VOC.  It is also $50 a gallon.  Ugh.  Behr offers a line of zero VOC paints as well, but they are a duo of paint + primer, which Dan hates with a passion.  Benjamin Moore also offers a zero VOC paint as well, but it is upwards of $70 a gallon!

In an effort to research appliances and paints, we signed up for a month of Consumer Reports online.  Ranked rather highly in the paint category was Glidden.  I went to Home Depot last week to do some research and the Glidden rep was actually there at the store.  He was incredibly knowledgeable and answered a lot of my questions.  The Glidden paint line, while not zero VOC is a low odor formula.  It really doesn't have an odor and goes on really well.  The rep recommended that we use a drywall primer/sealer since it is fresh drywall.

We did choose Glidden and got the new drywall sealer.  We used 15 gallons of sealer!  It took Dan right around 8 hours total to prime the house, but we did it!  On Sunday, we started to paint the walls and ceilings.  Dan tackled the ceilings, which is quite a feat with our cathedral ceilings in the great room.  Kole and I painted his room, the bathroom, and the laundry room.  We are using two colors, green and a light brown.  Kole's room is of course green!

Sorry my posts are random and rare lately!  We are in a crunch to get things ready to move our of our apartment and into the house in the next month!  And get our garden set up :-)  More later....

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