Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gardening progress

This weekend we made some progress on our garden!  Since we are using the square foot gardening method, we needed to build some beds.  I bought some 1x8x8 cedar boards at Home Depot and had them cut in half.  I chose cedar because it is weather resistant and it looks pretty :-)

We, or more appropriately Dan, put 2 deck screws in each corner of the bed to connect the pieces together.  The beds are 4x4 feet.  We have three of them!

The spot where we are putting them for this growing season is where we eventually want to put our barn, so we are modifying things slightly so that they can be moved for next year.  We will be putting 3/4" plywood on the bottom of each bed, with drainage holes.  This way we won't lose any of the fertile soil when we move them!  We had initially planned to lay down cardboard to kill off the grass and then put a layer of chicken wire down to deter rodents, but we will go the plywood route so we can conserve as much soil as possible.

The beds will be situated north to south.  This will be easy since our house is oriented to the south!  Tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers will be grown on the north side of the beds so that they don't block the sunshine from the other squares in the garden.  We will be putting together a trellis system to train the tomatoes and other vines to grow on.  More on that when we get there!

This weekend we will be getting our tractor.  I plan to mow underneath where the beds will go and get them set up.  Next week, Kole and I will go to the local greenhouse for our soil mixture as well as some onion sets and get started!  Kole get a set of gardening tools for Easter, so he is set to help Mommy out :-)

Up tomorrow - drywall!

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