Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monsters, oh my!

So, Kole had a little bit of a breakdown last night.  He has been giving us issues the last few weeks with going to bed.  He tells us bed is "bad", but has never given us a reason why.  Until last night.

He said he didn't want to go to sleep because sleep is bad.  When I questioned him further, he just said sleep was "very bad for you."  I asked him if something scared him in his dreams.  He responded with a resounding "yes!" and proceeded to tell us that he thinks there are monsters in the trees behind our house and they come in to scare him.

So, last night he and Dan took his play gun to scare the monsters away.  We also put his stuffed sheep closer to his window to scare away any monsters that might come in through the night.  And I told him that we would go get curtains for his windows.

This morning I posed a question on Facebook to see if any other moms out there had a similar experience.  One friend told me that she had a family member who struggled with the same thing with her daughter.  She had air freshener that they decorated as "monster spray" and sprayed it at night before bed wherever the daughter thought monsters lived.  Another friend said she actually bought her daughter some spray at Wal-Mart called "Monster Spray."

Soooo....while I thought that was an excellent idea, I didn't like the idea of spraying air freshener every night.  Cue Google!  I figured I could simply put some essential oil and water in a spray bottle and wa-la!  Monster spray.  And that's exactly what we did.  We used lavender essential oil.  I feel that this will not only help Kole feel better about the monsters, but will also add some calming benefit for sleeping :-)

After we made it this afternoon, he went outside to spray it and yell at the monsters.  Here's hoping we have a better night!

Tomorrow I'll share my curtain project!

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