Sunday, November 4, 2012

First winter market of 2012

One of the things that I adore about the local food movement is the number of Farmers Markets.  We are weekly visitors of the Bridgeport Farmers Market during the summer and I love that they also put on winter markets.  There are a lot of local farmers who utilize greenhouses and hoop houses, so it is not unheard of and quite common, actually, to be able to get salad greens and other root vegetables all the way through the winter.

Today, we were able to get tomatoes and basil, which we used to make sauce for lasagna.  We also got beef stew meat, Italian sausage, lamb stew meat, and picked up our turkey for Thanksgiving.  We got a 20 pound turkey - we are having Dan's family in from Georgia, so we are looking forward to enjoying the bird!

We also got some things for our pantry.  I picked up some bloody butcher cornmeal, Jacob's Cattle beans, and dried shiitake mushrooms.  Liz, from Hawthorne Valley Farms, said that the bloody butcher cornmeal is a bit sweeter than regular yellow cornmeal.  I want to try to make it with some cheese for Kole.  The Jacob's Cattle beans are an heirloom variety and I'm anxious to use them in a baked bean dish.  She gave us a recipe for "apple cider beans", which sounds quite delicious.  And lastly, we got some dried shiitake mushrooms.  They are really good in soup and we enjoyed them last winter with our CSA.  These pantry items make me feel better about going into winter as well!

Tomorrow is our first delivery for our winter CSA - I'll post pictures tomorrow!!  :-)

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