Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Goals

Goals.  Resolutions.  Winning outcomes (fancy pants Weight Watchers term).  Hopes.  Dreams.

Our number one goal for the year is to finish our new house and move in!  We hope to move in by the end of May so that we don't have to renew our lease.  And well, spending time out at the new house constantly reaffirms to us that we are indeed doing the right thing :-)  Kole absolutely loves being out there.  And we have some pretty kick butt views from all of our windows!

All other goals pale in comparison to the first, really.  But, here goes:

-- Start a small garden. 
   I already ordered seed from Seed Savers Exchange.  I plan to utilize the lasagna gardening technique (ooohhh...I see a potential blog post!).  I had a list a mile long of seeds and garden ideas, but Dan reined me in a bit.  What we don't grow ourselves we hope to get at the Farmer's Market. 

-- Can and freeze as much as we can.
   Well, we have a walk in pantry, a root cellar, and plan to get another freezer for the basement.  While our eventual goal is to preserve most, if not all, of our food, we have to start somewhere.  I got some canning resources for Christmas and am already making lists of what I want to try.

-- Get some chickens.
   This will probably be a late summer project.  We would love to get some chicks, but for starters we might look into some pullets locally.  We could get chicks next year to start!

We have sooo many ideas for what we are going to do with the place when we get more established out there.  I hope to tell you all about them, but that is for another post. 

I should add in one more goal: start blogging more!  While this blog is to document our progress on the house, I want to develop my skills as a blogger.  I hope to start writing about all kinds of things.  Stay tuned - 2012 is going to be G R E A T!

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