Sunday, December 11, 2011

One big hole!

Yep, that's the hole for our foundation!  Such a great surprise on Saturday - we had to meet our foundation man (FM) at 8 AM (although he didn't show up until 8:45) to discuss moving our house.  Due to the variance in the grade, the walls for the garage wouldn't be below grade.  Sooo, we ended up moving the house 30 feet to make it work out better.  We asked FM what the plans were and he indicated his guys were on their way with the excavator.  Much to our delight, we got to watch most of the hole being dug.  Kole was in H E A V E N!  He had so much fun!  The plan is to install the walls this week, plumbing this weekend, pouring concrete next week, and hopefully framing things up the week after Christmas!

We have water, too!  And Kole gave up his binky without a fight!  What a wonderful week it has been for us :-)

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